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The hospitality industry, particularly hotels, are rapidly evolving markets today, where the goal is the "differentiation of the experience" in terms of accommodation, transportation, and exploration. Differentiation through the development of "Pet Friendly" facilities is one of the dominant trends in the international tourism industry.

Within the ranking process of hotel accommodations, transportation, walking and recreational parks, beaches, and dining establishments, the Ekonav Certification Organization aims to provide the opportunity for these businesses to be recognized and differentiated as "Pet Friendly" by following international standards and best practices for animal-friendly companionship (dogs, cats, etc.).

The Ekonav Certification Organization has developed a reliable system for granting the "Ekonav Pet Friendly Certifier" label for the aforementioned categories of businesses and facilities.

The Ekonav Certification Organization has secured, on behalf of its members, the exclusive right to use the registered collective trademark "Ekonav Pet Friendly Certifier". Therefore, the use of the trademark is only permitted with its permission and subject to the regulations, the application of which is mandatory for all businesses and facilities participating in the program.



The acquisition of the "Ekonav Pet Friendly Certifier" label from the Ekonav Certification Organization by hotel accommodations, transportation means, walking and recreational parks, beaches, and dining establishments can serve as a means of recognition, distinction, and promotion for these businesses to provide a "differentiated experience" to their customers.

This initiative has multiple objectives:

  • To recognize and highlight hotel accommodations that have invested in a differentiated lodging experience through the development of a unique design concept and the provision of upgraded amenities and services to customers traveling with their pets.
  • To protect and promote transportation means, walking and recreational parks, beaches, and dining establishments that have invested in creating "Pet Friendly" facilities and processes.
  • To protect consumers from falsely claimed "Pet Friendly" businesses that lack a clear "Pet Friendly" concept, meaning those businesses that fail to meet the expectations they create for pet owners.
  • To promote "Ekonav Pet Friendly Certifier" businesses through promotional activities in both the domestic and international tourism markets.



One of the requirements for acquiring the "Ekonav Pet Friendly Certifier" label by hotel accommodations, transportation services, walking and recreational parks, beaches, and dining establishments is for the staff of these businesses to attend specialized seminars developed by the educational group dp studies in collaboration with the Ekonav Certification Organization.

Our educational seminars certify the competence in the transportation, hospitality, and care of companion animals, providing a comprehensive theoretical background that covers a wide range of valuable knowledge. The training received by participants in these seminars is a prerequisite for the issuance of the Ekonav Pet Friendly Certifier label, ensuring the high quality and reliability of this certification.

The seminars have been included in the certification process as we consider it essential for tourism professionals, guides, companions, caregivers, and personnel employed in any certified Pet Friendly organization or business to acquire valuable knowledge about the legislation governing pet care and to stay informed about contemporary and best practices in pet hospitality. The curriculum covers a wide range of theoretical and practical knowledge and has been developed by industry professionals with deep expertise and training in hospitality and pet care.

The following seminars are available:

1. For walking and recreational parks:

  • "Ekonav Pet Friendly Certification - Park Caretaker"

2. For transportation means:

  • "Ekonav Pet Friendly Certification - Pet Transportation Driver"
  • "Ekonav Pet Friendly Certification - Pet Transportation Escort"

3. For accommodations:

  • "Ekonav Pet Friendly Certification - Accommodation Receptionist"
  • "Ekonav Pet Friendly Certification - Pet Sitting"
  • "Ekonav Pet Friendly Certification - Cleaning Staff"
  • "Ekonav Pet Friendly Certification - Accommodation Operations Manager"

4. For beaches:

  • "Ekonav Pet Friendly Certification - Beach Caretaker"

5. For dining venues:

  • "Ekonav Pet Friendly Certification - Dining Venue Staff"
  • "Ekonav Pet Friendly Certification - Dining Venue Manager"



The seminars offered by the educational group dp studies, in addition to providing basic knowledge about companion animals and the legislation governing their hospitality, also cover the requirements for "Pet Friendly" Certification and the issuance of the "Ekonav Pet Friendly Certifier" label to legally operating hotel accommodations, transportation services, walking and recreational parks, beaches, and dining establishments.


The seminar for the specialty of "Beach Caretaker" by the educational group dp studies refers to the people who work on beaches.

The seminar provides a detailed description of everything related to national legislation, regulations, and duties of a beach worker, as well as the cleaning procedures, personal protective equipment, animal management, and maintenance of relevant records.

After attending the Seminar, the trainee receives the "Ekonav Pet Friendly Certification - Beach Caretaker" and can use it to work on a certified pet-friendly organized beach.

Ώρες σεμιναρίου
61/2 teaching hours
Net Video Time: 287 minutes
Διάρκεια πρόσβασης
μέχρι 13 ώρες σε 90 ημέρες
100,00 €
80,00 €
Εκδήλωση Ενδιαφέροντος

Topics of the required education include:

  • Introduction - Information about Pet Animals
  • Legislation and Regulations concerning the transportation and accommodation of Pet Animals
  • Pet Animal's accompanying documents (Health Booklet, Passport, Authorization)
  • Beach Operation Regulations
  • Duties of a Beach Caretaker
  • Record Keeping
  • Protection from attacks and animal management. Personal protective equipment
  • Incident management process for animal attacks. Immediate actions
  • Common symptoms of sick animals & unwanted behaviors
  • Safe disposal of biological waste. Personal protective equipment


  • Asynchronous seminar (video) that you can attend at any desired day and time
  • Detailed notes of the material to be provided
  • "Ekonav Pet Friendly Certification" attendance certificate
  • Free support after the seminar for advice and questions that may arise

Registration process: Your registration can be done as follows:

- Via webinar.edu.gr

After visiting the page of the seminar you are interested in, click the "BUY" button to add the specific seminar to the shopping cart. Then, go to the shopping cart and complete your order by choosing the payment method.

Specifically, you can pay using one of the following methods:

  1. Debit/Credit Card
  2. Paypal
  3. Cash (This option is available only if you can visit our offices)
  4. Bank Deposit


- Via dp studies Educational Group

Payment for the seminar through dp studies Educational Group can be done using the following methods:

1. Bank deposit to the dp studies account with details:

  • Bank: Eurobank
  • Beneficiary: Educational Group dp studies E.E.
  • Account Number: 0276.25.0200674123
  • IBAN: GR6702602760000250200674123

Once you make the deposit, send the receipt via email to [email protected] and call dp studies (0030.2810.24.00.24, 0030.2810.313.603) to confirm your registration.

2. In-person at the dp studies offices with cash

3. In-person at the dp studies offices with Debit/Credit Card

How to access the seminar after purchase:

  • During the purchase process of the seminar through webinar.edu.gr, the platform will ask you to create a Username and Password. We recommend using your email as the username and creating a strong password that you can remember.
  • If you have purchased the seminar through dp studies Educational Group, we will create a Username and Password for you and send them to your email.
  • After completing the purchase, you can log in to the webinar.edu.gr platform using the login credentials created during your registration.
  • You will have immediate access to all the educational material of the seminar (video, exercises, and notes).
If you purchase another seminar from the platform, there is no need to create new Username and Password. You can simply use the ones you already have.
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